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 We inspect homes anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

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Isbon Engineering & Associates is an engineering firm licensed by the Texas State Board of Professional Engineers to practice engineering and the Texas Real Estate Commission to perform home inspections that serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We specialize in engineering evaluations of foundations, home inspections and foundation designs.



Our Services Include:


All inspections by Isbon Engineering include an elevation survey of the foundation. Performing an elevation survey of the foundation allows us to explain the condition of the foundation. Without an elevation survey, determining the condition of a foundation is just a guess. It is strongly recommended that your foundation inspection include an elevation survey performed by a licensed professional engineer with experience in foundation evaluation. This is very important in the North Texas area due our to expansive soils and extreme weather conditions.


Calling Isbon Engineering & Associates is your best inspection choice when purchasing or selling a home, or if you are concerned about the foundation of your home. We also provide foundation designs for new homes and additions to existing homes.  As a licensed professional engineer and a licensed professional real estate inspector, David Isbon, P.E.can provide you with the inspection and design services you need.


If you need a foundation inspection (engineering report), home inspection, or foundation design, please call for prompt and friendly service.