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 We inspect homes anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.

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Home Inspection with Engineer's Evaluation of Foundation

Isbon Engineering & Associates provides you with a true engineering evaluation of the foundation on all  home inspections. We perform an elevation survey of the foundation on all of our home inspections which is the only way to know the true condition of a foundation. We don't guess about the condition of your home or foundation.


Every inspection includes:

  • Foundation Inspection including an elevation survey (level B survey per the Texas Board of Professional Engineers)

  • Drainage Evaluation

  • Structural Inspection

  • Roof Inspection

  • Electrical Inspection

  • Plumbing Inspection

  • HVAC Inspection

  • Appliance Inspection

  • Sprinkler Systems (optional)

  • Swimming Pools (optional)


We use the latest equipment to inspect your home including a digital elevation meter to check the levelness of your foundation to a tenth of an inch, gas leak detectors to check the gas lines, electrical test devices to check that the home is properly wired, ground fault test devices to check if ground fault circuits are working.


When you hire Isbon Engineering & Associates you are hiring a professional engineer and professional real estate inspector to inspect your home. Written home inspection reports approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission and a computerized elevation survey drawing with every inspection.


Altogether, over 500 items in your house are inspected. A home is a major purchase and we want to give you complete confidence when making such an important decision.


We don't guess about the condition of your home or foundation, we take measurements of the foundation and use engineering expertise, qualifications and experience to analyze and explain the condition of a home.


If your home is built on clay soils, as most are in North Texas, we strongly recommend that an experienced registered professional engineer evaluate your foundation including a foundation  elevation survey.


For newer homes, the elevation survey drawing we provide also benchmarks and documents the condition of your foundation to help you protect the foundation warranty from your builder.